Understanding Funding & Raising Funds

Speaker: Siddharth Deshmukh & Deepak Nanda.
Startups have always been hard. Even when you think you are putting in your best, it may not be enough to pull it off. We are always finding means and ways to Raise Funds for our startup and keep our dream running. Truthfully, most people fail not only because they fail to Raise Funds but also due to lack of Mentoring and direction.

With a mission to help startup entrepreneurs with proper consultancy, guidance and Mentoring on how, when, where, what & why of starting up, Big Bang marketing and Communications and Shimbi Labs are coming up with a new venture called IKIGAI.

So to make your startup not only successful but also an extraordinary and outstanding startup, you must have answers to all of the following questions:

  • Is your Startup really viable?
  • Do you have experienced Mentor with you?
  • Are you done with in-depth Competitor Analysis?
  • Are you able to hire the right people who are aligning with your vision and have all the qualities to work to achieve your mission?
  • Are you able to raise the total Fund required for your business?
Do not worry if you don’t have the answers for the above questions, yet. Our workshop “Understanding Funding & Fund Raising” will help you understand:
  • Why & Why not to go for VC Funding.
  • How does Raising Funds from VC or Angel Investor works.
  • How to prepare yourself before Raising Funds.

Topic: “Understanding Funding & Raising Funds” | Fees Rs: 800/-
  • Time: 8am To 2pm | Date: 28-July-2018 | Venue: Boat Club, boat club road, Pune – 411001
  • For this workshop, our speakers are: Siddharth Deshmukh & Deepak Nanda.
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